Transforming Enemy Imagery Workshop

Transforming Enemy Imagery: Building Our Capacity to Connect Across Differences

Are you curious about:

  • Gaining a map for personal empowerment that supports clarity and self-responsibility?
  • Breaking out of patterns of static thinking when relating to yourself or others?
  • Learning ways to listen and offer empathy in any situation?
  • Authentically relating to life in a way which moves beyond shame, fear, or guilt or coercion?
  • Being effective in building community by entering into every relationship with care and integrity and find pathways to create mutual strategies that benefit all?

These times we are in can be so challenging and stressful, especially for relationships. It becomes essential to know how to regulate ourselves, navigate all our relationships, and find resiliency while finding ways to create peace, gratitude and perspective within ourselves and in our communities. Using frameworks provided through Nonviolent Communication and other mindfulness practices, become engaged in a session of experiential learning and exploration to increase our capacity to build understanding in the midst of disconnection.


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