Community Resilience Project

Our Vision:

We are co-creating a community hub for organizing around relationship stewardship, land connection, and communalism. We’re dedicated to creating a culture of connection, equity, and liberation.

We aspire to move through the world asking regularly “What supports whole human thriving in this situation?” or “What needs to be in place to catalyze health, interdependence, and healing in our practice, lifestyle, and worldview?” We see the integration of listening to one’s mind and listening to one’s intuition and body as essential for creating a different paradigm on the planet.

Reweaving communalism into the core of our relationships, stewarding the land we call our home, and building solidarity with those who are marginalized and displaced, is what keeps our humanity intact. We seek to hold ourselves and others accountable to creating a world based in the interdependence, respect, and care of all beings.

As a community, we seek to deepen our lives together and collaborate to strengthen movements of resilience, creation, and cooperation. We aspire to share reciprocal relationships with the land and non-human animals through permaculture and sustainable farming practices. We will offer programs to the wider-community regarding power and privilege, trauma and conflict resolution, grief tending, community resiliency, sustainable living, and land connection.


Our Programs and Practices:

Community Life/land-based offerings:

  • Home of the Dancing Hearts Cooperative- an organization of members offering specific services, expertise, and lived experience relating to individual and community wellness and liberation
  • Daily communal meals
  • Daily group meditation
  • Daily group workout and physical health practice
  • Honoring local indigenous people’s needs around and use of the land
  • Short-term/long-term visitation options and apprenticeships
  • Community Gardening, Animal Care. and Food Forestry, and Nutritional Education Program
  • Self-directed and autonomous community governance
  • Equitable and shared economic system
  • Monthly, seasonal gatherings involving the wider local or global community
  • Conference and Retreat Space
  • Community Infoshop and Library; Tools and Resource-Sharing Cooperative

Outreach/off-land accessible offerings:

  • Reclaiming Relationality: a content creation initiative that shares relational neuroscience concepts that help communities access inspiration and education around co-regulation, nervous system resilience, and building “we” spaces that connect us to our deepest well of connection and health
  • Prison program sustained by volunteers in cooperation with a non-profit called Freedom Project, focused on trauma healing, nonviolent communication, and grief work
  • Emergency and Collapse Self-Regulation Training


Our asks


For the long-term acquisition of land and support for the community’s ongoing projects, we are seeking large donations to help advance our purpose. The specific budget we are looking at for start-up and land acquisition is $750,000. If you can support us in this way, or know of people who might want to financially contribute to our project, please contact us.


We want to collaborate with people who are excited about this project. If you’re interested in potentially joining this team, partnering with this team, or facilitating an educational opportunity for us (particularly around land stewardship and group process), we would love to hear from you.