We see a world where meeting our needs at the expense of others is at the root of global instability, suffering, and collapse. In order to gain the courage and resilience to overcome this collective trauma and oppression, we believe it is our responsibility to nurture mutually supportive relationships and build our capacity to really look at and be with the world as it is.

Dancing Hearts Consulting is a small network of community activists, organizers, mediators, healers and change agents who offer paradigm-shifting cultural frameworks to help communities thrive.

We specialize in delivering and co-creating systems for liberation, wholeness and collaboration, informed by the latest findings in neurobiology and resonant language.

We offer decision-making models, conflict transformation support, and interpersonal and collective trauma healing practices that emphasize transparency, self-management and ways of transcending blame and domination.

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  • Mediation and Process Facilitation – Find support with resolving conflicts, having difficult dialogues, and bridging gaps in connection offered by one or more of us.
  • Transformative Justice System Building – Explore designing an accountability and restorative process for your community or workplace to use to address conflict and harm.


  • Grief + Celebration Rituals – inspired by Johanna Macy, Sobonfu Somé, Francis Weller, Laurence Cole, we incorporate drumming and song, collective attunement and sacred ritual to create spaces to own and honor our pain and joy in a way that brings solidarity and togetherness
  • Neurobiology Education  – using the latest findings in interpersonal neurobiology, we help individuals and groups build nervous system resiliency and regulation.


  • Efficient Collaboration + Governance – we are informed by Convergent Facilitation, Sociocracy, and other organizational development models that help liberate us from the problems of consensus-based models or top-down, hierarchical models.
  • Power and Privilege Workshops, Shadow Work and other skill-building that helps us dismantle shame and domination-thinking, making way for the creation of life-serving relational systems.
  • Nonviolent Communication cultivating compassion and authentic expression, transforming blame and anger and making clear, effective requests.
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Natalie is passionate about contributing to healing the collective brain of humanity through trauma work, awareness of how the nervous system functions, constellation work, and abolishing systems of oppression.  Natalie has 4+ years of active experience in community/alternative system building, depth work practice, conflict resolution, and group facilitation. She enjoys working and learning with others in groups as a means of understanding group dynamics and identifying personal patterns that impact connection.




Rachel is passionate about designing and developing whole, thriving intra- and interpersonal ecosystems where all our parts are welcomed and honored. Rachel focuses on supporting individuals who have been traumatized and disempowered by the mental health system which ignores the systemic causes of human suffering, placing pathology on individuals instead of focusing on building resilient community, human connection and cultural systems that work for all.

As part of this work Rachel has recognized how desperately we need alternative systems and community: safe and life-serving contexts where we can heal trauma, practice listening deeply, process grief and see the beauty in our own and other’s needs. Rachel’s experience with restorative justice practices and grief work has been utterly transformative, engendering so much trust that moving through rupture-repair cycles actually increases our resilience and strengthens community. Rachel is moved by supporting humans to experience the movement and togetherness that can come from processing and moving through tension.




Kevin is excited about being an active visionary and participant in the co-creation of communities that further collaboration, shared-power relationship, and sustainability. They are passionate about transforming conflict into connection and accountability, and being a catalyst for a world where people live, play, and work in nourishing communities. They believe frameworks such as Transformative Justice, Nonviolent Communication, and Interpersonal Neurobiology are concrete tools to bring this vision to life. They have years of experience in offering communication and conflict resolution trainings to Community Organizations, Faith-Based Communities, state and federal prisons, Indigenous Communities, Educational Institutions, Individuals, and Families.



Scott cares deeply about food, cooking and nutrition and their ties to well-being. He rejects the modern models regarding diet and nutrition and envisions a world where all humans have access to foods and ways of life that truly allow them and their environment to thrive symbiotically. He generally prefers to be barefoot in his garden or making music but can be occasionally found in the gym.

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